Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Super Pet Expo

The Super Pet Expo was held at the Valley Forge Convention Center in King of Prussia. Dates: February 15-17. Tickets were $12.00 for adults, kids 12 & Under:$6 and kids 3 & Under: FREE.

However if you signed up online, you'll receive an email with a link for a discount coupon for $2 off admission and free kids ticket.

Tip for next year; go early on Friday, so you will miss the mad rush on Sunday. That's the mistake I made Sunday afternoon. The Valley Forge Convention Center’s lower level is but so big anyway, and coming on Sunday only made things worse. There were so many people with their pets and kids; it was hard to walk down the aisle.

Nonetheless, I had a nice time viewing the various exhibit tables. Best part, free samples! I grab loads of different kinds of cat food for my Kobee. Cutesiest thing was see everyone with their pets. I wanted to bring Kobee but I didn't want to get kick out of the Expo. This is for those who know Kobee.

The main thing I want to mention and it’s not about Elwood the ugliest dog in the world, (o by the way his owner was charging folks $3 to take pics with him……please), but the rescues/shelters adoption agency that were looking for new homes.

One in particular that really tugged on my heart strings were the Pets with Disabilities.

Founders Joyce Darrell and Michael Dickerson build a facility to house dogs and cats there were abandoned due to disabilities, whether it's a tragic accident or birth defect, resulting in a blind, deaf, or paralyzed pet. Pets with Disabilities are focused on these dogs and cats that are in need now, however they are always looking sponsors and homes that can accommodate these animals’ special needs.

Even if you miss out on the Super Pet Expo take a look at the below links and read the amazing stories of these amazing animals.



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Debra said...

I came to this post really late (obviously) but wanted to let you know that I smiled when I saw the "Catapoly" game. I have one at home.