Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Philadelphia 2008 Auto Show

Chevrolet — Camaro Convertible / Ford — Airstream

BMW Motorcycle/1968 Subaru 360 / Lincoln — MKR

Below are pics of concepts cars (plus you know who on a motorcyle) that were presented at the 2008 Philly Auto Show.
2008 Philadelphia International Auto Show rolled back in town at the Pennsylvania Convention Center from February 2-10, 2008. Organized by Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia (ADAGP), the show will feature more than 700 vehicles from more than 40 participating manufacturers from around the world.
To hear a podcast about the show, or if you are interested car/trucks period, check out Rich Baxter and Rich Nuzzolo at the Car and Truck Talk USA show located in South Jersey. I heard it was a great show!

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