Friday, July 20, 2007

Greg Kinnear in Philly

Did you know that Greg Kinnear was here in Philly filming some scenes for the new film called Baby Mama on Wednesday, July 18th at the Art Museum? I found this out, while I was jogging on Kelly Drive. Once I spotted Greg Kinnear, I ran back to my car to garb my camera. Unfortunately for me once I got back Greg was gone, the extras were loaded the bus and the crew were packing up. I was able to capture some it....sorry no pictures of Greg.

The cop standing guard had no idea what they were filming, so I later had to email the folks at the Greater Philadelphia Film Office (thanks Nicole) and ask for some info.

Baby Mama is schedule to come out next year. It stars Tina Fey and mostly shot in NYC, but they did a day or so here. That’s why it really pays to have your camera on you all the time in Philly. You just don't know who you may bump into.

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