Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sound About Philly

SoundAboutPhilly is excited to announce the debut of our newest audio tour, "Vintage Philadelphia.
"Click here to view it:http://redir.targetx.com/cgi-bin/email/redir.cgi?id=0000385187-59852708

Want the inside scoop on Philly's vintage clothing shops, classic books and records, ageless Philly attractions and even a quirky Philadelphia dining spot? Then download Vintage Philadelphia, the latest podcast tour on SoundAboutPhilly.com. Lauren McCutcheon, a local resident and author of A Virgin's Guide to Everything, gives visitors a look at all-things vintage in her hometown. Each of the 10 segments on Vintage Philadelphia focuses on a classic local venue that plays a pivotal part in the make-up of the city's authentic character. In the tour, McCutcheon chats with shop owners, artists, restaurateurs and everyday, in-the-know residents.Click through the link below to preview and download the new tour. While there, check out the other great audio tours like "Philadelphia Flavorhoods," "Philly Noir" and "My Philly," and then pick and choose your favorites to create your own tour. http://redir.targetx.com/cgi-bin/email/redir.cgi?id=0000385187-59852708


Anonymous said...

This is a great website. I really loved the tours that they have on offer, and the fact that you can make the tour go wherever you want s really cool.

I found it on another site called:


which is a free site providing links to audio tours from all over the world. I think that it is worth a look too.


MsFinney said...

Thanks Mike for the link. This is fantastic. It gives you a sample of places that you might want to visit one day. I was especially interested to hear about Italy, Rome tour since I was just there in September.