Friday, October 01, 2010

Local Spotlight: The Liberty Lacers

A Philadelphia area lace makers, The Liberty Lacers was formally founded and named in September 1987.  Previous to that time an informal group of lace makers met in each other's houses about once a month to exchange patterns and make lace.

Since 1987 the group has expanded in size and meets on a regular schedule usually the 2nd Thursday and the 3rd Saturday from 10am to 2pm.  The meetings are currently at 205 Woodside Avenue, Narberth, PA  19072.

Primarly it is a group of bobbin lace makeers although many do tatting, corcheted, knitted and needle lace. Many are also weavers and do embroidery.

In 1995 he group become a chartered chapter of the International Old Lacers, Inc and currenlty have 37 members.

Liberty Lacers welcomes anyone interested in lace-collecting.

For utherher information go to:, libertylacers or call 610-664-1997

Photo Submitted by: Christina from the Glenside Free Library

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