Friday, April 23, 2010

A Philadelphia tradition - Penn Relays

April 22-24, 2010

University of Penn Franklin Field -33rd Street - Philadelphia, PA

The first one being held on April 21, 1895, in conjunction with the University’s Spring Handicap Track and Field Games, now is the longest uninterrupted collegiate track meet in the country.

“Through 115 editions of the meet, more athletes have run at the Penn Relays than at any single meet in the world. More spectators have watched the meet than any in the world except the Olympics and World Championships. And the Penn Relay Carnival remains the same whirlwind of activity that has always excited fans young and old.” -

Side note:  When I think of the Penn Relays, I also think of the epsiode (#48 "Off to the Races) of the Cosby Show, when Cliff  race in a charity run, at the Penn Relays with "Tailwind" Turner  as apparent payback, however ends up having to run the final leg against Olympic gold medalist Valerie Brisco-Hooks.

I am going to have to find that clip.

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