Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's Hot!!!

Well I know it's hot out there, but there is couple things going on this weekend, well I know the weekend is almost over but its always today.

ODUNDE - African American Festival Weekend. Check out the link below for complete schedule of events. I went last year, good music and good food, but very crowded.

Rittenhouse Square Art Festival - Celebrating 75 years of Fine Art. If you don't have time this weekend (today) there will be another one in September 19-21, 2008.


Anthony said...

It's hot and getting hotter! Love the blog!

Time to work on finding and attending "cool" events in the region!

MsFinney said...

Thanks! There will be plenty to do this weekend (4th July).

I added "This Week in Philly" to my blogroll. Great blog.