Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Owen Wilson in Philadelphia

While jogging on Kelly Drive today, guess who I saw? Owen Wilson.

I passed him while he was jogging/running with a Owen Wilson look alike. I assuming it was his stunt double or stand-in because they look they could be brothers.

My sources tell that he is in town to film scenes for "Marley & Me due to be release December 2008.


HughE Dillon said...

What time do you think you saw him? I know he was at El Vez sometime last night.

MsFinney said...

I think it was around 7pm. I know it was after 6:30pm but no after 8pm.

I was waiting for him to jog back around but I guess he was finishing up when I saw them.

MsFinney said...

I was also wondering if Ms. Kate was in town???!!!

Trisha said...

Do we realize that Owen Wilson has a brother who looks almost exactly like him, Luke Wilson. Luke is also an actor and sometimes they appear in the same movies together. Its quite possible that he was running with his brother, not a stand-in or stunt double for the comedy "Marley and Me."

MsFinney said...

That's true, however last time I check Luke has dark hair, this guy had blonde hair like Owen and he didn't favor Luke. But then again, all things are possible.