Friday, February 22, 2008

Parking Wars

If you haven't heard or seen the show yet, it worth watching.

Who would have imagined that the notorious PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) would have their own reality TV show?

I wouldn’t in a million years. To tell you the truth when I first heard about it I was angry, having couple runs in with PPA myself, but now after watching a couple episode which I found to be hilarious, I am glad everyone in the world has a chance to see how sneaky and unorganized the PPA really are. Go Parking Wars.

Go the website and play the Parking Warrior Game.

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ParkingLady said...

My feeling exactly! I was really furious when i first saw the premise of hte show as those parking guys are notorious for locating and ticketing my car. But since watching a few episodes it is really humourous :) That said, it still doesnt' take my frustration away for how they always seem to find me...