Friday, November 09, 2007

Mütter Museum

Mütter Museum @ The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
Located 19S 22nd Street, the Mutter Museum was founded to educate future doctors about anatomy and human medical anomalies. Today, its collections include over 20,000 objects, and it serves as an informative resource to enlightening the public about our medical past and how far we evolve in the name of science.

I can’t tell you the best time to go, but we went on a Saturday afternoon around 2pm and it was pretty pack with people. I am not sure if it was the weather (it was beautiful day in October) or the fact it was on a Saturday, but in any case prepare to spend about 2-3 hours to give your self enough time to look at everything. There is a lot of information to absorb but the exhibits are extraordinary. We got so engrossed in the exhibits that I lost track of time and got a parking ticket. :-(

My favorite exhibit was the collection of photos and articles on conjoined and parasitic twins.
Other one-of-a kind treasures are:
The plaster cast of the torso of world-famous Siamese Twins, Chang & Eng, and their conjoined livers
Joseph Hyrtl's collection of skulls
Preserved body of the "Soap Lady"
Collection of 2,000 objects extracted from people's throats
Cancerous growth removed from President Grover Cleveland
Tallest skeleton on display in North America

In addition to the permanent exhibits in the Museum's main gallery space are rotating and on-line exhibits:
The Medical World of Benjamin Franklin
Only One Man Died: Medical Adventures on the Lewis & Clark Trail
Emerging Infectious Diseases: Ancient Scourge and Modern Menace
When the Patient is the President
Conjoined Twins

Hours of operation are Monday- Sunday 10am-5pm.
The Museum is closed Thanksgiving Day, December 25th and January 1st. General Admission is $12, Children (under 17), Senior Citizens and Students are $8. Fellows of the College and Children under age 6 are Free.

For more information go to or call 215-563-3737

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